Lavender's Silk Farms

Lavender's Silk Farms
35930 W 271st St S
Bristow OK
Booth: 1626

Company Description:

We live in beautiful part of Bristow, Oklahoma! We grow 12 different types of lavender and other plants. Our desire is to combine Silk products from the ancient Silk Road with Lavender and create something unique and special; a gift for everyone. You can experience where two Worlds meet together. Where the Silk Road detours to Route 66!

We have a line of cosmetics for women and men with different skin types made with wild medicinal plants, flowers and lavender. We use only organic oils and butters to infuse our plants and flowers. You can find facial cleansers, facial toners, moisturizers, face serums, face and body scrubs, hand creams, body washes, body butters, body oils, foot scrubs, foot salts, foot creams, hair shampoos and conditioners, hair serums, scalp serums, ear serums, salves, eye creams and other.
Our cosmetic line is called "12 Seasons" where you can find what you need for each month.
We have different cold and hot processed soaps for people with eczema, sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin and regular skins.
Enjoy our one of a kind table runners, pillows, wall hangings, bags, purses, cosmetic bags made with handwoven fabric.
For children or all of us we have lavender pillows based on an animal characters.
For those who love the outdoors we have tick repellants, mosquito repellants, flee repellants, bumps and bruises salves and other.
For pet lovers we have pet shampoos, flee repellant, tick repellant, dog bandanas and other.

Our desire is to create one of a kind items as each one of us is created one of a kind!

Show Specials:

All products are discounted for the holiday season!

New Products

"Anti-Aging" Set, "Novel Lavender" Set, "Beard Care" Set, " Turmeric Necessity" Set.

Certifications & Awards

Fully Accredited Certificate in Natural Medicine & Herbalism, Professional Herbalist Certificate, Identify & Harvest Medicinal Plants Certificate, Accredited Holistic Herbalism Diploma Course Herbal Medicine, Master Artisan

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